Burning Permits and Information
Sandpoint, Idaho

Selkirk Fire Rescue & EMS
1123 Lake St, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864
Bus Phone (208) 263-3502

Bonner County Burn Permits

Sandpoint City Burn Permits

As a reminder and by city ordinance, the residents of the City of Sandpoint are allowed to burn brush, grass, weeds, and cuttings from trees, lawns or gardens. However, a resident must first obtain a burn permit from the City of Sandpoint and check with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Air Quality Advisory hot line to insure burning is allowed each day before they burn.


Any areas outside the city limits of Sandpoint will need to obtain a burn permit from the Idaho Department of Lands from May 10th thru Oct 20th Click on the Bonner County Burn Permits link above!


Burning Barrel Regulations | Burning Regulations



How do I obtain a Burn Permit from the City of Sandpoint?

Burn permits may be purchased at City Hall located at 1123 Lake Street in the Finance Department. Contractors and citizens may also receive a burn permit (if desired) when they obtain their building permit in the Public Works Office. Please remember that the burning of construction debris and commercial trade waste by home owners and/or contractors is strictly prohibited.


How long is the burn permit good for?

Burn permits are good for the calendar month in which they are issued. Permits may also be purchased in advance for another specified calendar month.


How will I know if DEQ allows burning on any given day?

Each day prior to burning, residents that have purchased the appropriate burn permit will need to call the DEQ, Air Quality Advisory hot line at 1-800-633-6247.


How much does a burn permit cost?

Burn permits cost $10.00 (payable in cash or check) each time a permit is issued. Burn permit fees cover the administrative costs associated with maintaining the permit program.


Am I required to obtain a burn permit for a campfire or cooking over a campfire?

No you do not need to obtain a permit for these types of open burning fires. Cooking/campfires are required to be in a fire ring or a UL approved solid fuel appliance. Cooking/campfires may be burned after sundown.