Our Crew and Fire Fighters
Sandpoint, Idaho

Proudly Serving: Bottle Bay, Careywood, Cocolalla, Dover, Garfield Bay, Laclede,  Sagle, Sandpoint, Westmond, Willow Bay, and Wrenco

Chief - Ron Stocking
Assistant Chief - Dale Hopkins
Captain - Mike Gow EMT-A
Captain - Kevin EMT-A
Captain - Jason Cordle EMT-A
Captain - Reny Hansen EMT-A
Captain - Jake Hilton EMT-A
Leiutenant - Glenn Cassidy EMT-A
Engineer - Jeff Littlefield EMT-A
Firefighter - Britian Whitley EMT-A
Lieutenant - Mick Adams EMT-A
Engineer - Clint Frank EMT-A
Firefighter - Ethan Colby EMT-A
Engineer - Troy Badeaux EMT-A
Engineer - Bernie Frechette EMT-A
Firefighter -Josh Palkki EMT-A
Firefighter - Pete Shapanus EMT-A
Volunteer - Zach Ukich, Firefighter since 2016
Firefighter - Jeff Calhoun EMT-B

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